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Standard Access Floor Grommet

Standard grommets for raised flooring are available in sizes of 2-5".  Grommets help protect wiring from the rough edges of the cut raised floor panel while giving your access floor system a finished look.

Brushed Grommets

Brushed grommets available for your access floor system when air leakage is a concern.  Grommets fit into standard sizes and help minimize losses in pressure and air-flow.  Product guide available by clicking here.

AirGaurd Brushed Cutouts

AirGaurd is the industry leader in brushed cutout penetrations.  Airgaurd brushed cutouts come in various sizes and shapes depending on your needs.  Product guide available by clicking here.

Polar Dam Foam Insert

Polar Dam foam inserts allow anyone to be able to block air-leakage in cutouts.  Foam is simply compressed and put into the hole.  When the foam expands it fills the void, easily blocking air.

Standard "L" Trim

Standard "L" Trim available for existing cutouts in your raised floor system.  Trim is able to be cut in the field to any size that you desire.  Kit comes with factory corners to give your cutout a finished look.

"F" Trim with Foam Insert

Allows you to trim around your panels like Standard "L" trim but the unique design of the "F" Trim creates a channel for a foam insert to be inserted.  Foam insert helps decrease air-leakage.  Perfect for existing data centers.

Plenaform Baffle System

The Plenaform baffle system allows you to easily create plenum walls under your raised floor system to direct air to areas where it is needed.  Plenaform is fire rated and easy to install.

Double Cup Suction Lifters

Double cup suction lifters for picking up raised floor tiles.  Made out of strudy aluminum and come with a 5" cup size.

Pin Lifter

Pin Lifters are available for access flooring systems with factory applied carpeting.