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Our company began in Denver, Colorado strictly as an access floor contractor in 1980, with management roots that reach back to the beginning of some of the largest access floor manufacturers of today.



Since that beginning, we have moved our corporate headquarters to Columbia, Maryland. We have expanded our product offerings to include those interior systems which provide solutions for increased productivity, flexibility and accessibility.



Bettinger West Interiors, Inc. is a company that has been built on and believes in providing the best possible service to the customers at competitive price levels. The services we provide include working with your design team, providing product demonstration, mockups, specifications, technical advice and real world solutions to flexibility problems. Whether it's a renovation project or a new project, Bettinger West Interiors, Inc. is here to meet all of your needs.



When you contract with Bettinger West Interiors, Inc. you have the benefit of a professional and knowledgeable staff of sales associates, contract administrators and project managers. Unlike our competitors, we employ our own installation crews that are able to keep to your critical schedule and provide a level of quality far above the rest.



With Bettinger West Interiors, Inc. as part of your team, we will recommend the right interior solution for your requirements, whether it is a small data center room, a large renovation project, or a very unique project that requires a multi-level floor system. We have the knowledge and experience to provide the proper solution for your project, at a competitive price and quality level that will insure you are a repeat customer.



Put your trust into Bettinger West Interiors, Inc. and we will earn your respect just as we have with the owners and contractors on these projects.