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Haworth moveable walls bridge the gap between architecture and office furniture. Providing the look of permanent walls, these flexible elements are sustainable which adapt quickly and easily as business changes. Configure and reconfigure without sacrificing great design or creating waste each time you change your space. 


Enclose moveable walls offer highly adaptable architecture year after year. With options such as glass, metal, laminate, wall coverings, wood and more, there are many ways to define design with Enclose. Now, with frameless glass available, Enclose offers the ultimate in transparency. From design to acoustics to sustainability strategies and beyond, learn how Enclose walls can perform for you.


LifeSPACE ERA walls look permanent, but are designed to move to provide maximum space-planning flexibility. LifeSPACE ERA provides a consistent aesthetic and can mirror a company’s brand and culture from formal to casual environments. And the process is so easy; the walls arrive fully finished, ready to be tilted up and trimmed in place.

Improve the environment and your bottom line through flexible interior systems


1.  Reconfiguration of the system is much simpler than standard fixed construction, and because landfills are becoming more and more sensitive to the problem of waste gypsum disposal recycling of the panels offers the building owner savings in both relocation and waste disposal costs. Components and panels are 98% reusable.


2.  Moveable wall systems give the building owner another important cost consideration: potential tax savings. Since the IRS considers moveable wall systems as portable tangible personal property, they can be depreciated over a period of 7 years versus 31 1/2 years for standard fixed construction. Or the system is eligible for Code Section 179, Expense Election deduction - for years beginning January 1993.


3.  Moveable wall systems install firmly between the ceiling grid and the carpeting - allowing for the grid and carpeting to be installed over large open areas. The facility owner enjoys considerable cost savings because of this quick and easy installation.

Once installed, the unique panel clip allows all panels to be accessible from either side, virtually anywhere in the system. Modifications to electrical wiring and communication lines can be done quickly and easily by simply accessing a panel.



- Individual panels can be removed and replaced without disturbing adjacent panels.
- STC ratings from 35 - 49.
- All brands of office furniture can be wall hung from the system.
- Optional Horizontal Wiring Chase offers the most efficient wire management available without the use of access flooring.
- Door frames, glazing components, trims and a variety of panels offer the architect and designer unlimited design options.