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Chamfer Air Flow Panels

Triad's patented Chamfer Airflow panels are designed with our proprietary River Cooling System©, to provide optimal data center and server farm hot spot cooling for any imperial or metric raised floor systems that have maximum stringer width of 1.75”.


These panels are built to provide 1500 to 5000 lbs. of concentrated load capacities while versatile enough to be adjusted with the patent pending corner adapters either vertically or horizontally to flush mount to most all imperial or metric raised floor systems, regardless of age.


The patent pending Integrated Dual Handles provide safe, balanced lifting and placement of panel without danger of trapping fingers or toes while eliminating the need to search for suction cup lifters.


Triad's Hi-Plume Stratification Fin provides increased upper server cooling dropping upper/middle/lower server temperatures 5-15 degrees while lowering energy consumption in a matter of minutes per customer reports.

Chamfer Airflow Tile - Stratification Comparison

As is seen on the video Triad’s patented Hi-Plume Stratification fins, coupled with Triad's River Cooling System©, directs cooler air from the lower open plenum (where air normally passes by standard design airflow panels) to the upper heat stratified plenum of server racks.

The turbulent air delivery created by the patented Hi-Plume Stratification fin mixes with the vertical and horizontal heat boundary layers causing improved balanced cooling for the operating equipment.

Airflow Utilization Efficiency© (AUE) is measured by comparing the supply air temperature (65) to the temperatures at the top of the rack (80) = AUE of 15. By managing to an AUE of 10 or lower, data center managers can reduce cooling costs by up to 40%.